Recruitment, sometimes referred to as Rush, is always held at the beginning of the fall semester, and may also be held in the winter and spring terms, depending on if the organization is recruiting. Recruitment events are a great way to become familiar with each organization, to meet its members, and determine if Greek life is right for you. Recruitment is a mutual selection process to make sure both you and the Greek organization finds the right fit. The more events you come to, the more you’ll learn. Check out the dates below, and we hope to see you there!

Fraternity Rush

To rush a fraternity, you can come to as many or as few events as you like. You can rush as many fraternities as you’re interested in. At the end of the week, you may receive a bid from the fraternities that would like you to join, at which point you can accept or decline. We're currently recruiting for our Winter 2017 pledge classes! Check out the events below. Learn about our fraternities.

AEPi Letters

AEPi has finished recruiting for the semester. Please check back in the fall.

Pike Letters
Jan. 9: House Tour

7 pm | 75 Albert St

Jan. 12: Cigar Night

7 pm | 75 Albert St

Jan. 17: Billiards

7 pm | Heuther Hotel

Jan. 21: Shoeless Joe's

3 pm | 253 King St N

Sigma Chi Letters
Jan. 13: Games Night

6-8 pm | SLC 2143 | RSVP

Jan. 14: Pool + Chill

4-6 pm | Huether Hotel | RSVP

Jan. 17: Free Appetizers

7-9 pm | The Bombshelter Pub | RSVP

Jan. 21: Alumni Wine + Cheese

7-11 pm | 268 Albert St. | RSVP

Zeta Psi Letters

Events TBA.

Sorority Rush + Panhellenic Recruitment

Sorority recruitment is a bit more complex than fraternity recruitment. During formal recruitment in the fall terms, in order to be considered for a sorority bid, you must attend at least one event for each sorority. At the end of the week, you will have to rank your preference between the sororities. Matching will be done between your preference and the sororities’ preference, so that you can only receive a maximum of one bid. It is up to you whether you accept or decline! During informal recruitment in the Winter term, this formal process doesn't occur. You're welcome to attend events for as few or as many sororities as you like! AOII and SLG are currently recruiting for Winter 2017. Check out their events below! Learn about our sororities.

AOII Letters
Jan. 13: AOII Goes Black + Gold

7-9 pm | CIF Arena (or meet in SLC Great Hall at 6:45) | RSVP

Jan. 16: AOII Games Night

5-7 pm | Games on Tap | RSVP

Jan. 19: Roses, Pearls, and the AOII Girls

5-7 pm | 256 Phillip St | RSVP

KKG Letters

Kappa Kappa Gamma is not recruiting this semester. We will be recruiting again in the fall. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

SLG Letters
Jan. 13: The One Where We Say Hello

2-3:30 pm | 202 Lester St, Unit 504

Jan. 15: The One With Our Story

5-7 pm | 202 Lester St, Unit 504

Jan. 17: The One Where We Give Back

4-6 pm | 202 Lester St, Unit 504

Jan. 18: The One Where We Dress Up

6-8 pm | 202 Lester St, Unit 504