Greek Life

Greek life refers to the fraternity and sorority community on campus. Being a Greek is a great way to get the most out of the university experience here at Waterloo by getting involved and developing relationships which will last a lifetime.

The Greek system provides plenty of opportunities to develop leadership skills, enhance academic knowledge, and meet interesting people. With philanthropy events, formals, study sessions, and other social activities, there is always lots going on in the Greek community!

Every fraternity and sorority offers its members an unforgettable university experience. However, each one is unique, providing the opportunity for everyone to find their home within the Greek community.


The Greek community recognizes the importance of giving back to the community. Each Greek organization is affiliated with a charity, which they support throughout the year through a variety of events and fundraisers. Greek Council also holds philanthropy events, in which all the Greek organizations work together to give back.

Philanthropy events
Social events


Being a part of the Greek community is a great opportunity to meet new people. With mixers, sisterhoods, brotherhoods, formals, and parties, there is always something going on! There are tons of social opportunities both within the individual Greek organizations and through the greater Greek community. Most people develop lifelong friendships through Greek life, making it an enriching opportunity.

Campus Involvement

Greek Council is extensively involved on campus, and encourages its members to do the same. From intramural teams to bake sales to handing out motivation goodie bags, there are plenty of ways to be involved. Greeks are also encouraged to be involved through academics. Each Greek organization has their own methods for ensuring academic success, and there are often study sessions held with multiple groups.

Waterloo Spirit event

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